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Sonu Sood On Huma Qureshi’s Choice For Prime Minister



Actress  Huma Qureshi wants Sonu Sood to be the prime  minister  of  India. And Sonu just can’t stop  blushing.

Yeh  thoda zyada  ho gaya(this is a bit too much). It’s very kind of her  to say this. If she  thinks  I deserve  this  honour then I  must say I must have  done something good. However  I  don’t agree with her . I think we’ve a very capable prime minister. “

There   is also  the age factor. “I think I’m too young to shoulder  such a responsibility. Yes, I know Rajiv Gandhiji became  prime minister at  40. But those were  very   special circumstances. And he came from a  family of distinguished  politicians whereas I’ve no experience”

 Sonu feels the the  topic of his leadership  would  unnecessarily  rile  the detractors. “There are  people  out there  who don’t like the idea  of  my  going out there  to do my bit. I don’t want them  to  get upset. It is important for me to just do my work. I am enjoying my space  as an actor and  now a part   of  the common man’s  tribulations. I think  all of  us can do  our bit without holding any position  of  power.”

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