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No, The Young Lead In Chhello The Last Show Didn’t Die



Chhello The Last Show

News about the death of  the young actor Rahul Koli  has  created a misapprehension on the  film’s young lead actor Bhavin Rabari’s wellbeing

The write-ups  about the death  carried Bhavin’s picture creating a completely  erroneous  impression  on  the tragedy  in the public mind.

The deceased  boy Rahul  plays the protagonist’s Bhavin’s best friend.In the picture given the circled face is  that of Rahul while the boy standing behind  him is Bhavin.

Ever since  the news of  the  tragedy spread , the parents  of  Rahul  have been  hounded by the  local Gujarat press,not allowing the  family space to mourn the untimely death.

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