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Not Okay To Make Gandhian Digs In Ok Jaanu, ‘Bapu’ Replaced With ‘Babu’

 The makers of Ok Jaanu , the new Karan Johar production directed by Shaad Ali, probably thought they were being humorous when they incorporated some light-hearted  references to Mahatma Gandhi.

But the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) thought otherwise. All Gandhian references have been ordered deleted from Ok Jaanu.

‘Bapu’ has been replaced in the soundtrack by ‘Babu’ and Sabarmati , the location of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram,has been replaced by—believe  it or not–  ‘Sabzi Mandi’ .

(Talk about commercializing a sacred spot).

A reference to the Bapu’s legendary cloth-weaving charkha has also been ordered out.

The line ‘Charkha kaar rahe the’(was weaving the charkha) has been replaced by ‘Chane kha rahe tthe’(was eating chana)”.

A reference to  Khadi , the hand-woven fabric that the Mahatma advocated ,has also been removed.

Says a source close to the film, “These were all light-hearted bantering references, not the least hurtful or offensive , let alone insulting to Gandhiji. Are we mad to insult the Father Of The Nation?”

When contacted censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani said firmly, “We are very clear on this issue. No light-hearted references to any political figure. Phir Gandhiji toh Gandhiji hain.”




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