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OMG2 Director Reacts To Ulhasnagar Education Society Introducing Sex Education In Their Syllabus



Akshay Kumar in OMG2

After  the hardhitting message of OMG2 on reforms required  in sex education for teenagers,  the Ulhasnagar Education Society has introduced sex education in their  syllabus

OMG2’s director Amit Rai couldn’t be happier. “When  your film has  the impact you were hoping for, then the feeling is indescribable. I am very pleased that the Ulhaspur Education Society has introduced  sex education in their syllabus.”

Rai  and the film had to face pre-release  hostility. “There were so many levels  of  criticism being fired at us …we were  told we had  made a dirty film, that it was against the Sanatan Dharm, etc etc. People were saying whatever they felt like on Twitter and Instagram  until  the film was released and people embraced the film,much to our  relief, joy and  gratitude.”

The director  whose last  film Road To Sangam released ten years  ago, considers our audience to be  empowered. “Our audience is way more mature and  sensible than they are supposed to be. Somewhere, OMG raised an issue that was buried in the public’s subconscious . The word of mouth  for OMG2 has been tremendous. Critics have  also played a  big part in the acceptance  of our film.”

Amit Rai  singles  out one individual for  the syllabus-changing  impact of  the film. “Ms Rekha Thakur of the Sindhu Education  Society of  Ulhasnagar played a  big hand in this revolutionary  introduction of sex education in  the Ulhasnagar Education Society.She saw the film, and organized a show for other members  of the Sindhu Education Society . She has set an unprecedented example.”

Rai is confident that OMG2 has a  long way to go. “I feel  blessed that my efforts  in OMG2 are being brought to fruition. I feel other institutions will also initiate  a reform. I am also hopeful that the  censor board will  change the  rating of OMG2 from ‘A’ to ‘UA’ so that the  film can reach the audience it  was meant for. If not , then the film’s message will still  find its way to its target audience  through  other mediums. I want to thank the Sindhu Education Society.I feel this is just the beginning.”

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