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Akshay Kumar Is Now Indian,But Here’s The Reason  Why He Accepted Canadian Citizenship



Akshay Kumar

All is well that ends well. Akshay Kumar Bhatia , known as  Akshay Kumar among fans, is  now an Indian citizen again.

The Prodigal Returns, in a  manner  of speaking.

But why  or  rather who, was instrumental  in   getting the actor a Canadian citizenship?  It was none other than his former best friend Ajay Virmani, a Toronto-based aviation  tycoon who was Akshay’s best friend  and business advisor  , eventually business partner in several ventures.

Nobody knows why  Akshay and AJ fell apart.

Akshay and AJ (that’s how Ajay Virmani likes to be known) went back a long way. In fact, AJ had a permanent room in his Toronto home for Akshay for whenever the star visited Canada.

AJ also ghost-produced some of Akshay’s early films. Deepa Mehta’s celebrated film  Water was  at one point to be produced  by Virmani and was to star Akshay Kumar  and Nandita Das. But then  all hell broke loose with Hindu outfits objecting to the film’s  content.The shooting  Varanasi had to be  called off.Akshay opted  out, and so did Nandita.

I still remember how excited  Akshay was at  a complete change of image in Watershuddh hindi , dhoti and  all.

But then what wasn’t meant to be, wasn’t mean to be. Forsaking his  Canadian passport, Akshay Kumar has  left behind all the remnants  and reminders  of his  closest friend guide  and business  partner  Ajay Virmani.


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