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Out Of My League Is The Millenial’s Ankhiyon Ke Jharonkhon Se



Out Of My League

Out Of My League (Italian,Netflix)

Marta may be an orphan, and she may be affected by a lethal illness, yet she is the most positive person one can meet. She wants a boy to fall for her. Not any boy – the most handsome of them all. One day, she may have found her match.


Rating: **

Out Of My League (Italian,Netflix): Don’t get them wrong. They don’t mean any harm. The  team behind this flouncy  effervescent love-at-first-swipe rom-com are  probably good  people who go to church and give to the charity to support the  esoteric disease  that this film’s heroine suffers  from.

But  the problem  is, Marta(Ludovica Francesconi) is  so  self consciously quirky and  fey,  it’s like watching a character which is designed  from a cookie cutter. Nothing remotely  interesting about Marta’s  queer eccentricity.

Queer  brings me to Marta’s two gay room mates  a  male  and female, they are all the family that she knows. Federica (Gaja Masciale) and Jacopo (Jozef Gjura)  are  with Marta through thick and thin, mostly thin because that’s how  the plot  is.Take it or  shake  it. It is  heavy on topping but  thin on  crust. Which is an ideal  situation for a pizza. Not this Italian Cinderella-meets-Prince Charming yarn which is  more  yawn than yum.

It is love at first  sight for Marta when  the  aristocratic  hunk  Arturo (Giuseppe Maggio) begins to pay her  more than a passing attention. There is a sarcasm-filled dinner  with  Arturo’s  snobbish  family which seems  to seek its  reference straight  from Erich Segal’s Love Story.

Marta for  all her quirkiness and  wealthless existence has a great deal of swabhimaan(selfrespect). She won’t be  impressed by Arturo’s  handsome  looks  and  illimitable  wealth. If  you  buy that  you are welcome to  sit through this pea brained with  no  room for any emotions.

By  the time Arturo finds  out about Marta’s illness , there is  little doubt that she will find True Love wrapped up in the most expensive gauze,till death do us fart.

Out Of  My League has a whimsical   central performance.  Ludovica Francesconi’s Marta goes  a long way  in  giving the  plot  a sense of purpose,no matter how puny and askew. But I suggest you watch Hiren Nag’s   Ankhiyon Ke Jharonkhon Se  instead. There the  working class waif Ranjita Kaur falls for  the  rich brat Sachin Pialgoankar. We cared for the  couple.  In Out Of My League we couldn’t care less.

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