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Paagalpanti is Anees Bazmi’s Ode to Madness



With  Housefull  4 breaking records  in  spite  of  the yucky reviews, it is quite  evident to  Kumar  Mangat  and  Aneez Bazmi   the  producer  and director of  Paagalpanti that  there  is a  huge gap between  what the  critics  and  the  aam junta think.

Paagalpanti,  says  director Anees Bazmi, is even crazier than Housefull 4. “It is  not meant  to be a  film for those who intellectualize  their  movie  experience. At  the same time it is not  what critics describe as a  film where  you leave your brains behind. I’ve  never understood this concept. How can the  audience  leave their  brains behind?Leave  it where? Is it a detachable  component in  the human anatomy?”

 Anees  who has made some  of  the  most successful situational comedies  of  Bollywood in recent times  from  No Entry to Mubaarakan feels his  kind of comedy is under-valued.  “Believe me, a lot  of thought  goes  into  my comedies. We’ve  a gallery  of writers  on board  who are constantly  thinking ,processing  their ideas,  writing.Comedies like Paagalpanti don’t get made  out of thin air.”

And  one  more thing:  Anees  won’t have  a  single vulgar word in his film.

“I  want the entire family  the father, mother, daughters  and sons  to laugh  together  without any discomfort. Paagalpanti  provides  that  kind of  entertainment  where  families  don’t have to  cringe while watching  a film together,” promises Anees.

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