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The Joke Is On Akshay & Rohit Shetty



Akshay Kumar  is one of  the  cleverest superstars of  Hindi cinema. He gives out  the  vibes of  a simple unassuming son  of the soil. But under that veneer  of earthiness beats  a shrewd street-smart  heart.

 Hence  when  news  of  his differences with  his Sooryavansh director Rohit Shetty  broke out, Akshay, in his  prankish wisdom, decided to turn the  story into a benign  joke. A video showing  Akshay  and  Rohit at  each  other’s throat, was  put out by  Akshay  to ridicule and  debunk  the  fall-out theory.

 This is  a very old and  tried-and-tested ploy to  deflect  attention  from the  truth.Drown the news report in laughter. 

However loud whispers  about the director’s differences with his  leading man refused to  disperse.

Says a  source  extremely clued into the  issue, “Rohit and Akshay had  their first major differences when Rohit  agreed  to postpone  the  release date  of Sooryavansh because it clashed with Salman Khan’s film. Akshay  was  miffed  that he  wasn’t taken into confidence.Since then,Rohit and Akshay have been cold towards  each other. There are  no major fights or anything  on the sets. Both are  too professional to  get openly  nasty. But everyone on the sets  can see they are  not friends.”

The  truth can’t be drowned  in laughter….or can it?

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