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Pakistan’s Adnan Siddiqui Snubs  Rude Remark On Irrfan, Sridevi

It takes  a lot of  inner strength  to stand up to one’s convictions,  specially when  it comes  to cross-border issues.  If you are an  Indian  and  you  don’t laugh at an anti-Pakistan  joke you are  liable to  be branded anti-national.  Likewise one of Pakistan’s foremost actor Adnan Siddiqui was  recently put in a spot when an uncouth game-show host on Pakistan television expected Adnan to laugh  at a tasteless joke on Sridvi and Irrfan’s death.

Not only  did Adnan refuse  to join in the  mirthless joke, he also posted an apology to the families of Irrfan and Sridevi. This speaks volumes  of  the  actor’s refined sensibility and his sense of propriety.

 Adnan  had played Sridevi’s husband  in Mom and he worked with Irrfan in Michael Winterbottom’s A  Mighty Heart. He remained close to the Indian actors and their families after  the shooting was over.

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