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Pankaj Tripathi:“Yes I Have Started Shooting For Oh My God2 ”



Pankaj Tripathy

The super-talented  Pankaj Tripathi who recently scored another bull-eye in Mimi,  is on to his next project.

I  caught him when he had begun  shooting for Oh My God 2. Pankaj seemed in a  happy space. “We’ve just begun shooting and  it feels like something special  again.The  director  is  a talented  man Amit Rai.I  always make  sure that I  enjoy what I am  working on. After  all it is  going to be   a part of my life for the next 6-8 months. I  don’t know actors  sulk and work with  each other for months and  years. Mujhe toh ghutan si hone lagti hai.I like working in a happy space.And here in Oh My God 2 everything is  calm and  comfortable.”

 The original   film Oh My God in 2013 had created quite  a controversy.  Is  the sequel also  going to be explosive?

Pankaj  is  unruffled.  “I don’t think so.  But one   never knows. Jab hoga toh  dekha jayega. Even in Mimi there was so  much heat  over the surrogacy issue.But I really enjoyed working with Kriti Sanon. She  is  an intelligent well-read articulate girl. I  look forward to working with her again.”

Pankaj also  looks forward  to  working with  Akshay Kumar  in Oh My God 2.

“He is  such a professional actor and  from what a I hear, a real team player.I’ve never worked with him before. I’m looking forward  to him joining the crew,” says Pankaj.

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