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Sidharth Shukla Some Unknown Facts



Sidharth Shukla

1.      Last year we  lost Sushant Singh Rajput suddenly. This   year it is Sidharth Shukla who  left us  all  of a  sudden on  2 September,leaving a  big question mark  about the uncertainty  of life.

2.     Was  there any foul play in  Sidharth Shukla ’s death? Only hours after his death questions are being raised about the fit-and-healthy  television star who became a household name  after  winning on Bigg Boss.The “mystery” Of Sushant’s death is yet to  be  solved.

3.      Sidharth Shukla led a regimented  life. He  ate  according to  a  strict diet plan , did his  exercises  religiously everyday , indulged in no vices,  no late nights, no  partying .Sidharth didn’t drink  alcohol, and he  hated parties.He  didn’t mind the  lockdown because he  stayed at home  anyway when he  wasn’t working.

4.     Like Sushant   , Sidharth Shukla was given a very raw deal  by  Bollywood and frankly, Sidharth  was  highly disillusioned  by the whole nepotist slant  in  the Hindi film industry. I am sure Sidharth will  compare  notes with Sushant  up there.

5.      Sidharth Shukla was  single  and  ready-to-mingle . The  volume  of his female fans was  monstrous. He  could barely  cope with their demands. But Sidharth Shukla was  a true Mama’s boy. He  had decided he  would marry only the girl that his mother approved of.But  now it’s all gone. He leaves  behind 2 elder grieving sisters. Sushant left behind 4 sisters all  older than he.

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