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Prabhas Getting 150 Crores? Not Quite




A report stating that  Telugu  star Prabhas  is being paid  Rs 150 crores for  a  film that he has signed with T Series, provoked an angry call  from  a leading director of Telugu cinema.

He wants to know where these  incredible figures  come from. “There is  no  truth to Prabhas getting  that kind of money. Not even Tom Cruise can get  that much money in today’s days  of recession. Prabhas  doesn’t command even a fraction of that fee.”

When  prodded on  why such anger the director said, “Because  when you have your publicity machinery put out such  ridiculous  figures you  spoil the whole  market. Over here in Andhra Pradesh  no  producer  can afford to pay this kind of money. When you say  X gets   something so  unrealistic, other A-listers get affected.And why  only Telugu cinema ? Even in Bollywood who can afford to pay 150 crores to the hero alone? That  production house(T Series)  is also doing a film with Ranbir Kapoor with the same  director as  Prabhas’s film. Are they going to pay Ranbir less than Prabhas?  How  much  less?  How  will they justify  it to Ranbir?”
An  upcoming leading man from Telugu cinema laughed and added, “It’s probably much less than quoted. Prabhas’ Baahubali was record-breaker. But his followup film Saaho didn’t even break even in the Hindi belt. Even Rajinikanth  doesn’t have a  market  in  North.”

One hopes such  mischievous marketing gimmicks  are avoided.

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