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Preity Zinta Not Doing Satte Pe Satta, Here’s Why



Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone  together  for the first time in  Farah  Khan’s Satte  Pe Satta sounds like  a  casting  coup. But  it isn’t really  true. While Hrithik has given  his  nod, Deepika is unlikely  to do so,as  her bandwidth  is  entirely  filled with the amount  of work she wants  to take  on.

There are  also  reports of  Preity Zinta  being  pencilled in for Satte Pe Satta.

 “Not true at all,” say sources  close to Preity. “She  was  offered  one of  the female leads from Satte  Pe Satta but not  the role played by  Hema Malini in  the  original. Why would she  agree  to be part  of  a film where she  has to play second fiddle to  another  leading lady?”

 At  the moment Farah Khan’s casting for Satte Pe Satta remains highly tentative.  She has  Hrithik  Roshan filling in the Bachchan’s formidable  shoes. That  apart , she needs  a strong  boxoffice-friendly leading lady for Hrithik and  six other prominent male actors  amd  actresses.

It won’t be easy finding  saleable actors  for so many roles.  Unless she narrows  down the number of siblings in  the script.

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