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Priyanka Chopra: 5 Times When She Was Brilliant!



Priyanka Chopra Net Worth

Priyanka Chopra, In  a career  of 18 years in Bollywood got  only some rare  opportunities to show her mettle


Priyanka Chopra catches you completely unawares. Her transformation from the bubbly Chandigarh girl to the super-ambitious supermodel, who dumps her boyfriend and conscience to pursue her dreams, is achieved with a gentle subtlety and bridled passion. This is Priyanka Chopra ‘s coming-of-age film. She looks like a zillion bucks. And acts like a woman who connects with the darkest, most desperate human emotions without wallowing in them.After  27 films, Priyanka Chopra   finally  got  a role she could sink her  teeth into. Playing the smalltown aspirant model Mehna Mathur  she transformed  emotionally and physically right  in front of our eyes. The performance is powerful  and  eclectic filled with jolts  and and edgy  emphasis. Priyanka  sails through the character’s messy  ambitions. The  National  award was  richly deserved.

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What’s Your Raashee( 2009)

In this  failed rom-com about an NRI’s  search for a suitable  bride, Priyanka Chopra plays  12  wannabe  bride once each from every zodiac sign. There  is  a moment where one of the hopeful brides watches the BRI  go from the balcony .As she waves, that tiny gesture expresses  her  end of hope: she  knows the  bride-seeker Yogesh won’t come back.  When the first of Yogesh’s wannabe brides, arguably the best of Priyanka’s 12 spectacular turns, walks in, her shoes seem to have been bought only hours ago. Priyanka Chopra  plays all the 12 brides.

What we don’t know is how beautifully she balances every characters’ inner life in the swarming but serene paradigm of the plot creating for each of the 12 intended brides an inner life and an outer glow within a restricted time-span.It’s an amazing achievement. Priyanka gives soul to all the 12 characters she plays. In the climactic song, she brings all of them together, quirks and mannerisms all on display in one unified flow of feelings and body-language. The actress achieves individuality for all her characters while giving the plot a homogenous flow.

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Barfi (2012)

Priyanka Chopra as the autistic Jhilmil is memorable.In her prior  films she was  found to be guilty of over-acting in Agneepath and Anjaana Anjaani(with Ranbir again). In Barfi all her recent sins of excess are washed away. Priyanka’s inherent glamorous personality simply disappears into her character.We don’t see the actress on screen  at all! We see only Jhilmil who reminds us in a very pleasant way of Sridevi in Sadma.This is one of the most flawless interpretations of a physical—psychological disability seen on celluloid.

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May Kom(2014)

It’s that life-defining moment when a character on screen transforms totally into a real-life personality. We’ve seen Seema Biswas, Ben Kingsley and Farhan Akhtar metamorphose into real-life characters in front of our bewildered eyes.Now it is Priyanka Chopra. She virtually transforms her physicality before entering the spirit and the soul of boxing champ Mary Kom.And what a grand entry!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Priyanka Chopra as the gritting volatile boxer from Manipur who won’t take no for an answer, even from God. Penetrating a male domain like boxing in a gender-defying swoop, Priyanka Chopra ‘s MC takes us on a voyage of self-discovery where a plucky poor girl from rural Manipur goes right to the Olympics. It’s an incredible story filled with sound and fury signifying something deep and seductive, just waiting to be told.


Bajirao Mastani(2015)  

Priyanka’s Kashibai loves her husband to death. Each time Priyanka Chopra  looks at Ranveer Singh her face lights up like a brightly-lit skyline. When Bajirao falls in love with another woman Kashibai doesn’t surrender to destiny. She is no walkover. She protests. She sneers. She is angry. But finally for the sake of her husband’s happiness and the larger good, she accepts the situation. Kashibai teaches us the most important lesson of this film. Acceptance of injustice is sometimes the opposite of cowardice. Priyanka conveys all these emotions with near-flawless comprehension of her character’s inner world. This is her best to date.


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