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Priyanka Chopra Has A ‘Crush’ On Drew Barrymore



Priyanka Chopra

 ….At least that’s  what  Priyanka  Chopra said  . One  doesn’t know if she  was just trying to be complimentary. But  Priyanka Chopra  told   Drew Barrymore that she  had a crush on   Drew Barrymore  on the  latter’s chat show. Which sounded a  little far-fetched. We do  remember Ms Barrymore as a  gifted  child  actor with much affection for her  endearing  presence  in   Steven Spielberg’s  ET. But  like  many child prodigies , from  Shirley Temple  to  Darsheel Safary, Ms Barrymore has been  struggling to make  her  presence felt in  adulthood,

 Priyanka  spoke to  Drew about her  jam-packed days which begin with a  cup  of coffee  in her  bedroom. She revealed that  she has an espresso machine in her  bedroom.  She  also reveals  that she  loves spending time every day with  her niece Krishna and she  hates  working out with her  husband Nick Jonas.Why? Because  he is much better than her  at working out. And  Priyanka  confesses  is  very competitive.

  She  spoke  about her memoirs Unfinished  and that  it was launched  simultaneously    in 5 countries including India.What she didn’t reveal was  that a Hindi-language  translation   of Unfinished is on  the anvil. Whether  it will be called Asamaapt  or not, we  don’t know yet.

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