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Priyanka Chopra Not In Krissh 4?



Priyanka Chopra Not In Krissh 4? 10

  Priyanka Chopra return to Krissh 4 seems very doubtful!: As Rakesh Roshan who  suffered  a health setback in  2019   intends to get back to  direction this year, questions on the cast and other details of Krissh 4 are already being  thrown around in the Roshans’ office.

One of  main issues being discussed is, would Priyanka  Chopra return to Krissh 4  after having played the leading lady in the first  three segments?

 The  answer,  it seems, is in the  negative.

Apparently  Priyanka won’t feature in  Krissh 4.

“The  Roshans are  not even going   to ask Priyanka Chopra  this time. See, she won’t do films in Bollywood that  don’t centre  around her  character.Why do you think she said  no to Salman Khan for Bharat after saying yes?  Everybody knows the  Krissh  franchise   revolves around  Hrithik Roshan’s character. That can’t be changed. Now that Priyanka Chopra  is  a  big  international star,  Rakesh Roshan  will in all likelihood  find another co-star nearer   home  for Hrithik,” says a  source in the know.

The Krishh films  are not going to be the same without  Priyanka.

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