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Priyanka Jones’ Husband On Their ‘Nick’ Name



 It is  crystal-clear that  three years after their marriage  Priyanka  Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas remain  hopelessly in love with one another. On a British talk-show (The Graham Norton Show) broadcast  last week  Nick Jonas  spoke  about being stationed in London for a while now as  his  wife is  shooting there. He has chosen  to work from  his wife’s  workplace rather than be separated  from her for months.

Nick also  spoke about how the songs  of his new album Spaceman were written  out of a feeling   of  spouse-deprivation when  Priyanka  was away  shooting in Germany.

On a  lighter  note  the  singer-musician-actor  revealed how  he  didn’t  at all care for  the acronymous name Priyanka  had chosen   for  the couple.  Apparently Priyanka is keen that Nick and she  be known as ‘Prick’ but Nick doesn’t think that title would have a very  productive impact on their fans.Understandably Nick would prefer something like  NickYanka.I  completely agree with him. Fans shooting , ‘Prick! Prick!  ’when they see them on the red carpet doesn’t sound  right.

The  debate  is  still on. In  the meanwhile those who had given Prick/Nickyanka’s marriage  a maximum   of   6 months are  busy eating back their words. A  Bollywood filmmaker who is very close  to Priyanka recently met  the couple . 

He confided in me,  “You can see how much they are in love. There’s none  of that  jadedness  in their body language  that comes  to  married couples,specially after spending undue time together  during the lockdown. In fact  Priyanka’s husband said  he  was  glad for  the  time they  have gotten to spend  together  during the lockdown.”

In the video for   the  title song of the album Spaceman where  Nick can be seen singing his  heart out for his beloved, Priyanka makes an unexpected  guest appearance. It’s  time the two started  a  family.

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