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That Wasn’t Shabana’s Fan In The Picture, That Was Her House Help



 On  Friday  the  internet was  brimming with  bonhomie when they saw Shabana Azmi and her husband Javed Akhtar wearing  what was  described as clothes given to them  by a fan named Jayshree who sat next to  the  golden couple in  a picture.

 However when I asked Shabana  about  the “fan” and her  generous gift  Shabana clarified. “That wasn’t my fan. It was  our house-help Jayshree . She has  been with us for  twelve years and I love her to death. She is  an integral part  of our family. When her daughter  got married she gifted us these lovely traditional Maharashtrian  clothes.Instead of  tossing them into a corner we decided to  actually use her gift,  wear her clothes, gifted to us  by her  hard-earned money. We were deeply touched.”

It’s nice to see  a prominent  member  of  the  Indian film industry  treating the house help with  such kindness and generosity. I have seen a  veteran actress actually slapping her  house help in the kitchen for getting an ingredient in one of  the  dishes wrong. On the  other hand there was  dear old filmmaker Basu Chatterjee who insisted  that his  house-help sit with the  family  at the dining table for all  her meals.


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