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Producer Allu Arvind Shoots Down Ghajini 2 Rumours



Aamir Khan was in the  news this week for the return of  Ghajini his 2008 action adventure  inspired  by Christopher Nolan’s Memento.

Turns out,the Ghajini sequel was being  planned on the desk of  some bored newshound who wanted to create  some ripples beyond the muscles that Aamir Khan cultivated  for  Ghajini in 2008.

When this writer  reached out to the Ghajini producer  Allu Arvind he completely denied any talks with Aamir on the subject.

“There  is no sequel to Ghajini, there never was there never will be,” said Arvind.

I tapped a  buddy of Aamir who said there was  no question of  Aamir doing  a  Ghajini remake. “After Lal Singh Chaddha, Aamir  is  totally off remakes , at least for now. At the moment he is looking for an original  script which would be  his next floor to go on the  floors.”

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