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Sudipto Sen Urges Mamta Banerjee To Revoke Ban, Recalls Mohua Moitra



West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has announced a ban on Sudipto Sen’s  blockbuster on Islamic conversion in Kerala, The Kerala Story. Sudipto  a Bengali himself, is pained .

Speaking to this writer Sudipto  says, “This is definitely unfortunate. Especially as it comes from the State which is a champion of human rights, free spirit, free souls.”

   Sudipto  remembers the time recently when a Trinamool  Congress  MP  fought for freedom of expression. “I recall Mahua Moitraji’ fight in favor of the BBC documentary India: The Modi Question on PM Narendra Modi. I recall Mamta Didi’s lone battle when Sanjay Leela Bhansali ‘s Padmaavat  was targeted.”

  Sudipto urges Mamta  Banerjee  to revoke the ban on The Kerala Story. “I am sure Didi will rethink her decision… I  would like her to  watch the film and revoke the  ban. I am sure She didn’t see the film and she acted on the provocation of some of her mischievous followers. Whoever watches our film, loves it.”

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