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Punjabi Superstar Gippy Garewal Is All Set To Give Sarbjit A Run For Its Money



Competition shows up in unexpected places for Omang Kumar’s Sarbjit this Friday. The film was expected to be really big in Punjab , since it’s set in Punjab and concerns the life of a well-known Punjabi family whose son was imprisoned in Pakistan.

Unluckily for Sarbjit Punjabi superstar Gippy Garewal’s new film Kaptaan releases this Friday . The film is expected to cause a  huge dent in the boxoffice collections of Sarbjit in Punjab.

Says the affable Gippy, “My producers the Tauranis of Tips announced our film long before theirs. Their film is set in Punjab and is about a Punjabi family. But they speak in Hindi. People in Punjab find that strange. Theirs is a dark film. Ours is a much more light-hearted take on a serious issue.”

Gippy plays Kaptaan Singh a devil-may-care lawyer who takes up a case for a lark but gets serious as the  case unfolds.

Says Gippy, “So many Punjabi NRIs lose their land, property and home in Punjab because they leave it in the care of relatives or friends.Kaptaan is the story of one such individual. I play a lawyer who takes up an NRI’s property case just for the heck of it. The  guy is not serious about his work at all. He is into this just to while away time. Then as he gets deeper into the case he realizes the implications and ramifications. The case turns his life around and teaches him to take life seriously.”

Errrr….sounds like Jolly LLB?

Gippy doesn’t deny the similarity to the earlier film? “Yes, to some extent it is the same situation of a lawyer finding his conscience.”

Gippy says it is his  endeavour at this stage to do as much varied work as possible. “I’ve to keep my audience in mind while selecting my projects. If I do something completely out of the box my fans won’t like it.So I’ve to do what they like and at the same time find ways to challenge myself as an actor.”

Gippy has decided to direct one film a year.  “This will give me an opportunity to express myself without considering audiences’ expectations. Because I won’t act in the films that I direct.”

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