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Purab’s Italian Diaries



Purab who’s is working day in and out to finish the pilot season of Nikhil advani next is now in Italy for the second schedule of his international TV series Sense8

It’s a 20 day long schedule and Purab being a true traveler, plans to expand a little more to explore the east of Europe. Apart from being busy shooting at picturesque locations, Purab has been taking out time to explore Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy.

When contacted the actor on his travel plans he says, ” “We have just finished our Bombay schedule for sense 8 and with just enough time to gather our bearings and pack our bags we are now in Italy for the second leg. I love the Amalfy coast and spent 2 beautiful weeks there in 2009. Back then I never thought I would be shooting there one day. Follow my Instagram for some great Mediterranean photos:)”

Last year Purab shot the tv series only in India. Since the part was comparative smaller and required him to do only India scene. However this time around Purabs got a substantial chunk of role and he will be shooting in 4 different countries. If sources are to be believed then Purabs role may steer towards grey character in this one and may be there will be surprise 3rd layer to it”

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