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Rahman Disgraces His Reputation, A Firsthand Report of His Concert Fiasco



Of late A R Rahman  is not doing the  kind of work he  was  most closely  identified with. A  sense  of  ennui, déjà vu, and dare one say,mediocrity has crept into his  work.

 Now  in the course  of one evening last weekend  Rahman has lost thousands  of fans.

 His catastrophic concert Markuma Nenjum in Chennai has lost Rahman a  lot more than  just fans. All the goodwill that he  had garnered  over the decades evaporated as he  came across as a greedy insensitive  artiste  who  agreed  to the concert without verifying the credentials  of the organizers.

A  young actor  from Tamil Nadu  and a huge fan  of Rahman(“even his mediocre  scores in  recent years”) gave this writer  a  firsthand  account  of what transpired at what will eventually be known as Rahman’s Waterloo.

Describing the  bedlam at  the  concert, the young actor says, “It was a nightmare. There were thousands of attendees  with no one to look after them. I could see women and children crying helplessly. Many were openly  cursing Rahman. You see, when you attend a  Rahman or  a Nick Jonas concert and things go horribly wrong, as they did  at  Rahman’s concert, you don’t  look for scapegoats to  blame.”

The  actor was referring to Rahman’s tweet post the fiasco: “Let me be the sacrificial goat this time for all of us to wake up.”

Sacrificial goat?  Rahman should stop this plastic persecution and own up to the fiasco. Lives  could have been lost. If they were  not, we have no one to thank except God, which Rahman is  not any longer , even for his diehard fans.

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