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Rahul Rawail’s Biography On Raj Kapoor Is Ready



Filmmaker Rahul  Rawail’s biography  on  Raj Kapoor is ready for  publishing.

“It was  actually writer-director Apurva Asrani  who planted the  idea in  my head,  It took three  years of my life. There were other duties  and  responsibilities to be  looked  into. The lockdown  during the Covid pandemic gave me  the concentrated  time to devote  my energy to completing the  book. Now it’s finally ready. My publishers  will soon take  a  call on when  to release  the  book,” says  Rawail happily.

 He started his career  by assisting Raj Kapoor. “Everything I learnt about filmmaking came  from Raj Saab. He  was  my guru and mentor. I’ve known Raj saab and his two sons very closely. I assisted Raj saab and then I directed Biwi Oh Biwi for the R.K. Films banner. I’ve been close friends with his sons Randhir and Rishi for decades. I’ve known the family very closely. I’m fascinated by his journey as an actor and a filmmaker. It’s this journey I wanted  to write about.It’ was  one of the biggest challenges of my career.”

Rahul Rawail first put his thought on Raj Saab in tapes then had them out down in  book form.

“I don’t know  how many readers  out there want to know  about Raj Kapoor. I am pretty confident there are many,” concludes Rawal.

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