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Rajamouli’s Film With Mahesh Babu Will Roll this Winter



Mahesh Babu

Rajamouli’s Film With Mahesh Babu Will Roll this  Winter

Is it a  bird, or a plane? No, it’s RRR’s Rajamouli teaming up with Mahesh Babu. Both the maverick director and ageless superstar are flush with success:  RRR is a record-breaking success while Mahesh Babu’s new Telugu release  Sarkaru Vaari Paata is superhit.

The  Rajamouli-Mahesh Babu  collaboration is one of the most eagerly awaited films of the decade. It was  expected to start in July-August, but has now  been pushed to  November-December, with good reason.

Says a  source very close  to  the  project, “Mahesh Babu wants his  film with Rajamouli to be as special as  Baahubali and  RRR, if not more. They have collectively decided they won’t do a costume drama. As  Mahesh Babu is not comfortable with that genre. Also, after two  back-to-back  period-based projects Rajamouli wants  a break from the past.”
The contemporary story  that is  said to be an adventure-thriller  would have rolled in the  next few months. However both Mahesh and Rajamouli gave decided to work on the script  for some more time.

“The film that   Rajamouli  will make with Mahesh Babu is  based on a  terrific  idea, never attempted before. But Mahesh  wants  the  screenplay to be worked-upon and   fine-tuned . Rajamouli is more than happy to  oblige.”

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