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Rajesh Roshan: “KK’s Death Was  Totally Unnecessary”




Music composer Rajesh Roshan with whom  KK sang  some of his  best songs in the film Kites is very upset with KK’s  death. “And it’s not only because he was such a wonderful singer, so  vibrant and so connected  with the  youth. But his death was so unnecessary. One can see in the video that is  being circulated that he was very uncomfortable on stage. His face is very pained

I’ve been through two heart  attacks, and I know that look. KK was  getting a  heart attack. He is seen saying to switch off the lights on stage as they were making  him uncomfortable.I recognize the symptoms. I also know  he could have been saved, if  he was made  to lie down and given immediate attention. Instead he was  escorted  hastily out of the venue  by a  tall fair man, probably  the  organizer, out of the venue as if  KK was Salman Khan.In trying to  project KK as a star, his life was lost. Arrey bhaicouldn’t you see  KK was  in pain?”

Rajesh Roshan feels KK’s life could have easily been saved. “When I had  a  heart attack the doctor told me  to take  stress test. I refused pointblank. If I had gotten on that  treadmill I know I wouldn’t have survived. KK too would have lived if he had been given immediate medical care.”

Rajesh Roshan had connected with KK  a fortnight ago. “I wanted to do  a non-film song with him. I couldn’t speak  to him. But I  spoke  to someone from the team who  ensured me that  KK would be happy to work with me. I got to know that KK had built his home in the North East and he planned to shift there  with his family.”

Rajesh remembers KK as  a disciplined and dedicated singer. “He had  the potential to become one of the greats. He  had a staggering range.And he had  the voice of the Hindi film hero. There was heroic  quality to his voice. But he  wasn’t pushy. He didn’t promote himself. He was an even bigger  recluse than me.He  spent all his non-working hours at home with his  family. I believe he had a long way to go.His death is so so unnecessary.There are  lots of  questions here waiting to  be  answered.”

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