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Rajinikanth To Quit Politics?



They may make a great photo-op. But  Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan  are  certainly not coming  together as  political allies.

In fact Rajinikanth, according to well-informed sources, may quit politics even before  formally taking to  active politics.

A source in the know informs, “While  Kamal’s political plans are now midway between ‘probable’ and  ‘doable’ Rajinikanth has more or less decided  to not  go ahead  with  his political career. He  doesn’t know politics. He would rather let his political  ideology be  reflected  in  the  cinema that he does.”

The source  goes on to inform that  Rajinikanth’s family  is also not keen that he  emerge  as an active figure in  Tamil politics. “There is too much backbiting . Rajini  won’t be able to cope. He is too simple and uncorrupted to  get into politics. Besides he  needs  to take care of his health. His frail  health  may not be  able to take  the extra stress.”

Kamal Haasan, on  the  other hand, stands  with his foot halfway  into politics. He announced the name  of his political party Makkal Needhi Maiam earlier this year. He  is currently shooting  for  the sequel  to Shankar’s Indian.He has not decided  yet whether  his  party would be contesting the  next Lok Sabha elections.

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