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Rakesh Roshan Rubbishes One More Rumour Regarding Krissh



One more day , one more  rumour  about Siddharth Anand  whose marketing team wants  to build his image as the Rajamouli  of  Bollywood. And no harm in that, as long as you don’t tread into  other people’s territory.

 A  report earlier this week informs us that  Siddharth Anand is  “in talks” to direct the fourth part  of  Krissh.

But when I asked Rakesh Roshan, who owns the Krissh franchise  he laughed., “This  is the first time I  am hearing about this.”

In other words, there  is  absolutely  no truth to these wild  reports  about Siddharth Anand getting into  the Krissh territory.

A  source close to  the Krissh franchise says, “It is  very insulting to  Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan to presume  anyone except Rakesh Roshan  would direct the next Krissh  film. He has directed the three Krissh  films so far. Why would that change now?  The Roshans  are  now working on cracking a plot for Krissh 4. As soon as they  find a script, they will announce Krissh 4. And yes it will be directed by Rakesh Roshan, and no one else.”

One hopes that clears the  air regarding Krissh 4. And yes,   Siddharth Anand  doesn’t have to direct  every big project in Bollywood.

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