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Sunny Leone On Anurag Kashyap’s Film



Anurag Kashyap and Sunny Leone…how on earth did this collaboration happen?

Anurag Sir(Kashyap) called me for an audition to see if I would play this character called Charlie. I  was  very nervous, as  I had not been to too many auditions before  and I tried to get as much information on  my character as  I could. Then I was at the audition, little  did I know that the director’s  entire office  would be attending the audition:  the Ads, the production team.

You  must have been terrified?

Raahul(actor Rahul Bhat) was also there. That made  it even more nervewracking. I tried my very best  , gave  my audition. And they all liked it! I  was  so surprised. I worked  hard  to listen carefully to what they needed  in this  film, and it seems to have worked.

Anurag Kashyap is  known to be quite  a terror on the sets. What was it like for you?

Anurag Sir is not a terror at  all. He is  one of  the  nicest kindest persons I’ve ever known, especially  on the set he gives all the  attention and love to everyone, whether it is the technicians or actors. He definitely is NOT  a terror on the sets. He is a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed every minute  of the experience.I hope I get to work with him again.

How  did you manage to pacify  three demanding children while working long hours for Kennedy?

As far as time management  goes, my children  have reached an age  where  I can have detailed conversations with them on  how and when Mommy has to work, Daddy has to work, and that they need  to be  understanding, and  that  all the things they  have in their lives is because  Mom and Dad work. Luckily for  me,  all the shooting of  Kennedy happened during the night.

So Mommy could sneak out to work while the  children were asleep?

That’s right! I got to spend time with them after they got  home from school and  in the  mornings.So that was nice. My children  are really understanding.I think it comes down to being honest with then.Daniel and I never  lie to our kids.When we say  we’re going to be  home, we’re home.There’s no last-minute  change in plans when  it comes to the kids. Our children know the value of  quality time  and can tell the difference  between quality and quantity.

What have the last three traumatic years taught you?

What I’ve  learnt  is, anything can happen anytime. You just have  to keep working hard. The  entire  Indian  entertainment  has changed , for the better. There are  more work opportunities  for all of  us  now.

Do you  like putting challenges for  yourself?

This role in Kennedy is  very very  difficult. Anurag Kashyap Sir is so special. And I’ve worked  very  very hard. Throughout my life and career, I have tried not to compromise  with  anything.And the choices I’ve made are  all mine.The fact  that I got to  go  on an audition  and I got the role , was like  a school-pass .

You mean  you felt like  a student passing your exam?

 Yes, I got the role in Kennedy on merit alone.  It was nothing else. And I  am very happy that today I am an Anurag Kashyap heroine. I wouldn’t change  anything because  I got here, to  Kennedy, on the  strength of all my past  experiences.

Your  life has been stormy…..

Yes,my life has been stormy(laughs). But there has been  a lot of sunshine as  well. I won’t take anything away from my journey. For the parts which have not been so great, yeah it can be very difficult. But  I don’t think I want to  change anything.

Off to Cannes now, what  plans?

Yes,  I a  going to be off to Cannes. I’ve no idea  about how it’s  going to  be, who’s going to do my clothes, my hair, where are we going, what will be doing, would we  be seeing other films at Cannes…It’s all very new to me. I know we will meet interesting people, but how we will meet them , what we will say…it’s a haze right now.

What after Kennedy?

I have two South  films coming up that I’m very proud of. It does look like an exciting year ahead.

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