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Ram Madhvani On Sushmita, Kartik Aaryan & The Emmys




Ram Madhvani On The Emmys

How hopeful are  you of winning the  Emmy?

I don’t want to sound clichéd. But for me, it is  an honour in itself that we are nominated. We never  expected it. I never  go into anything with expectations.  If the series has  come this far then I  have the  Universe  and Miss Universe  to thank for it.

That’s a good line to use?

(Laughs) Please  be my guest. But seriously, Aarya would not have been  possible  without Sushmita Sen. She  brought her  own personality and her inner strengths as a human being, into the part and took the character  far beyond all expectations. There is  so much to observe and appreciate  from Sushmita. She can  converse  on  any topic under the sun.She radiates a  positivity.If you go to a restaurant with her she connects with everyone there , from the  other patrons to the waiters. She has  a conversation with all of them.

Was there  an even better bonding while shooting the second season of Aarya ?

We shot Season 2 through the pandemic. Her professionalism and innate wisdom made  it a lot easier. Really, I am  thankful to Sushmita and Endemol Shine and Disney-Hotstar. We were on this project for 12 years.

Coming back to the Emmys, have you see the other  nominees in the  Best Drama Series category?

No I just haven’t had  the  time. I’ve been shooting for  Season 2 of Aarya and  it’s  now complete. I was  also busy with my feature  film Dhamaka starring Kartik Aaryan which  is  streaming later  this month on Netflix.  But  they(the  Emmy nominees)  are all highly acclaimed series and  I  intend to see them the soonest for my own satisfaction and  not to compare  with the competition.

Speaking  of  Dhamaka how was that experience?

I must say I’ve been exceptionally lucky with my  actors. Whether  it was Sushmita in Aarya  or Kartik Aaryan in Dhamaka  , they were  fully  involved   and committed  to the  project. They went far beyond my  expectations.Kartik will surprise  the world in Dhamaka.

Now  you are  going into a series  on Udham Singh. Any fear  of  being compared with Shoojit Sircar’s  film?

First of all, my series  won’t be about Udham Singh. It will be about the  entire Jallianwala Bagh incident. Secondly I am big fan of  Shoojit Sircar’s work. I  intend to see his  film as soon as  I can. I am sure what  I’ve to  say would be  very different from his film.

Is  there any genre of cinema you would like to  attempt?

(promptly) The musical. I would love to do  a do full-fledged  musical with lip-sync songs.

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