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Ranbir Kapoor Moves In With Alia Bhatt During Coronovirus (and what is wrong with that?)



Alia bhatt and Ranbir kapoor

 When recently there were stories  of  Bollywood’s ‘it’  pair  Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt breaking up she had called these rumours “rubbish” in a chat with me.

And now, as  though to reiterate their  growing closeness, news comes that the couple has moved in together in Alia Bhatt ’s  new apartment.

Alia  has taken up a home  a  stone’s throw away from her mother’s place where she  lived  earlier.Now Alia Bhatt  and her sister Shaheen live together separate  from their mother  .

A  source  informs that   Ranbir Kapoor  has now moved into Alia Bhatt ’s place with his dog.

“And that’s  a sensible  decision considering the prolonged  isolation period.Alia and Ranbir might as well spend  this time together,” says  the source.

 For those trolls darting prudish  arrows  at  the couple for “living in sin”  here is news.  Ranbir Kapoor  had moved in with Katrina Kaif when  he was seeing her.  Prior to that when he was dating Deepika she would often stay over  at  the Kapoors’ residence.

Also, this is  the 21st century. So let’s allow this couple  do what  it wants.

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