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Rajamouli’s Title Confusion




For months  now we  have all been wondering what RRR , the title of S S Rajamouli’s film  meant . It turns  out that  the maverick director  was  trying to  get  the rights of the title Raghupati Raghav Rajaram . Having failed to acquire it the RRR acronym was  given another  interpretation  altogether.

The  RRR now stands for Rise Roar Revolt  in Hindi(and never mind if those words are in the English language). In  Telugu it  is  Roudram Ranam Rudhiram  and in Tamil  it is  Irattam Ranam Relattiram.All the conflicting multi-lingual interpretations to  the  RRR acronym  could be a problem.

 Rajamouli’s film titles have always been pithy, mostly one-worded  like EegaMagadheera,Baahubali.  This is  the  first time he has  selected  multiple titles  in different languages  for the  same film.And this  could be   matter  of   conflict for the   film’s  boxoffice  interests.

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