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Ranveer Singh Joins Kartik Aryan’s  Talent Management Firm



Ranveer Singh

A  big uproar  is  being  attempted  to be created  over Ranveer Singh’s departure from Yash Raj talent management. But there  is really no controversy in this.  Sources  close to the development say  Ranveer’s contract  with Yash Raj talent ended, so he decided to  move on.

The  interesting  aspect  of  this move is the  new location that  Ranveer Singh has  chosen. Sources say  Ranveer was  not  that keen on the controversial  KWAN , until someone  pointed  out to him that  KWAN was  where Kartik Aaryan had his talent-management account .

“The  Kartik factor really swung  the  pendulum in KWAN’s favour,” informs a source.

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