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Relax, Mr Bachchan Is Not Retiring



The mega-star Amitabh Bachchan has triggered  off a furious debate  about his  “retirement” plans after a  blog  which he ended with  these words, “I must retire .. the head is thinking something else and the fingers another .. its a message ..”.

Clinging on  to the word  ‘retire’ Twitter users  have concluded that  Mr Bachchan plans to hang those  tattered  boots,bid  adieu to  acting.

“Fat chance,” expostulates a  close friend  of  the   actor. “When he  said he must retire, he meant he  was tired and  must get some  sleep. Nothing more than. Please don’t read anything  more into his words. Mr Bachchan is  far from retirement. He will go on before  the camera  for  a good  20 more years.”

Mr Bachchan  is currently shooting for Ayan Mukerjee’s Bramhastra where he  has  a pivotal  role  with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

About Ranbir Mr B had once said ,  “Without saying  much he   manages to say anything. His  face is God’s blessing. He  doesn’t seem  to make  any effort to convey  emotions whereas I’ve to constantly struggle to express myself, ask the director  to help me. He needs none of that…Just working in Ayan  Mukerjee’s Bramhastra with Ranbir, said Mr B, is  a learning experience. “All his films have been a learning graph.I find it very unusual the way he  reacts. He doesn’t move any muscle and to convey so much feelings is a tough job. I always notice when he performs he  doesn’t do much. And it’s not just his  films, it’s even in his ads.”

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Family members say , the  iconic AB  would have to take  a  small break. “To recover his stamina , regain his energy. He needs to rest. The  break could be  for  15 days  or a month, no more. Then he’s back.”