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Release Of Rajamouli’s RRR Postponed Indefinitely




These are not the  best of times  for movie makers who  are reeling under the impact of  the current monstrous  pandemic . No one  feels the  pinch harder  in the  Indian entertainment than Baahubali  director S S  Rajamouli. His  post-Baahubali opus  RRR a lavish period drama featuring Telugu superstars  Ramcharan Teja  and NTR Jr along with Bollywood superstars  Ajay Devgan  and Alia Bhatt,  has  faced persistent rough  weather  due  to the pandemic.

The film’s release date  has been postponed repeatedly. Now  the most recent release date 13  October stands annulled.

 One  of  the actors  from  the  project tells me, “It’s not only the escalation in  Covid cases and  the casualties.  Now one of  the  film’s leading men(NTR Jr) has  tested positive. Prior to him Ramcharan  tested postitive.Alia who is   yet to start shooting with  Rajamouli,  had also been tested positive  for  Covid.”

 Where  does that leave RRR?

“Not  in a  very happy place, I’m afraid,” the actor informs. There is still  a lot of shooting remaining.  Even if  the Covid crisis   improves  by October there is no  way Raja Sir can  complete  and  release  the  film on time(in October).”

 The  source hazards an intelligent  guess about the possible release date  of RRR. “Not before  January 2022, and  that is a conservative  estimate.The delay  can be much much more.”

All we  can say to that is,   all good things take their  own sweet time.

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