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“I am in this world because of my parents,” Aditya Narayan Reacts To His Father Calling Him ‘Childish’



Aditya Narayan

 Rather than support his son in his attempts to stand up  for the show Indian Idol which was recently  criticized by singer Amit Kumar, Udit Narayan has called his son Aditya “childish” for taking a stand.

Sounding a  bit hurt Aditya the protective son, says, “Theek  hai,Sir. I am in this world because  of my parents. The matter  ends there. Har maa-baap ki nazar mein unka beta hmaesha bachcha  hi hota hai. I am  honest  to  my work and will continue  to  be so. Not everyone has  to  agree with my view.And that’s okay.”

However Aditya does feel hurt about how much  of his time and effort he  puts into Indian  Idol and how little  appreciation there is from some quarters  for all the hard work that goes  into  it. “I feel sad that the  very people I try to entertain through Indian Idol, forget that the pandemic has  hit  our household too.Like everyone else we too are worried and stressed.We’re not a  pandemic-proof family.”

Aditya says he has familial responsibilities which impel  him to work hard. “My parents are  in the  age-bracket of  retirement. I have a  wife now.Soon we’ll have children. I’ve a  house to run and bills to pay. Setting my worries aside I  work hard every day to bring a smile on the faces  of the audience during these  stressful times.”

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