Revealed: Tubelight Is Adapted From Little Boy, Kabir Khan Confirms


After the luminous trailer of Kabir Khan’s Tubelight was released there were online suggestions and insinuations about how similar the eagerly-awaited film’s theme and visuals looked to the Mexican director Alejandro Monteverde’s 1015 film Little Boy.

Turns out, there is nothing surreptitious, sneaky or secret about the similarities .

Tubelight is indeed officially adapted from Little Boy!

Confirming this director Kabir Khan says, “It is in the credits of Tubelight. ‘Official Story Adaptation’. But it’s just the seed of an idea.Everything else has been completely  changed in Tubelight.”

Set during the World War 2 in Calfornia Little Boy is the story of a misfit named Pepper or Little Boy(JakobSalvati)who befriends the traditional enemies Japanese soldiers and teaches them a lesson or two in humanism.

Kabir has translocated the American-Japanese conflict into the 1962 Indo-China war. ‘Little Boy’ Jakob Salvatitransforms into ‘Tubelight’ Salman Khan.

And the rest is history.

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