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Rhea Chakraborty Ready To Face The Camera Again



After being traumatized  for more than a  year,  Rhea Chakraborty has bounced back.

Filmmaker  Rumi Jaffrey in whose suspense  thriller Chehre Rhea Chakraborty makes a  comeback of sorts,   was  happy to host Rhea at his  daughter’s  pre-wedding festivities last week.

“She is   at peace with herself. She has come to terms  with whatever happened to her. Now she’s  more thoughtful and quiet. But ready to work again,” says  Rumi.

The  problem  is,  all those loud mouthed  proposal makers posing as  filmmakers who  promised  Rhea movie offers whenever she  was ready to return, have disappeared.Apparently one such fly-by-night  producer who had  committed himself  on social media to working with Rhea was warned  by his superstar-master to “stay away from trouble”.

Of course this chamcha  producer listened  to his  master’s voice.

It is now up to Rumi  Jaffrey to  plan a comeback vehicle  for Rhea. He admits she  doesn’t have much to  do in Chehre.

“But I’ve a script in mind where  Rhea will play one of the two  protagonists. I think she deserves a second chance, don’t you?” asks Rumi.

She certainly does.

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