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Rhea’s Interview Does More Damage Than Good, To Be Arrested Soon?

  The  net is  closing in on Rhea Chakraborty,. Her  last-bid desperate attempt to  salvage her reputation  by giving “exclusive”  tell-all  interviews to  Rajdeep Sardesai for  TV Today and two  other channels has fallen flat.

While Sushant’s fans are angrier than before, those  who sympathized with Rhea  have also opted  out of their sympathy  after the interview.

Sources in the know claim  the CBI will take Rhea  into custody during the  next few days, though one has no concrete evidence to support this  line of thought.  However  sources say  Rhea has no other options.

“She has  painted herself into corner. There  is no way she can escape arrest, no matter how  many strings she  pulls,” an informed  source tells us.

There is a  rumour that Rhea  “sponsored” the  controversial interview. However sources close to the  India Today group  dismiss this as malicious propaganda  being spread by  rival news channels.

In the interview Rhea  claimed  that her  expensive lawyer  was  handling her case  for free. However  informed sources refute her claim, saying she is paying this expensive lawyer in lakhs per day  for his services.

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