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Right-Wing Factions Outraged By Hindu-Muslim Kiss



 In Mira  Nair’s widely acclaimed series  A  Suitable  Boy , the Hindu heroine  Lata Mehra  (Tanya Maniktala) loves the Muslim hero Danesh(Kanir Durrani). Their shared kiss in a temple has  caused a widespread uproar in right-wing quarters with  many netizens  asking not  only for  a ban on Mira’s serial  but also on  Netflix which  hosted the show.

Netizens   want to know why a cross-cultural  couple is  shown getting intimate  on  religious grounds and  would  the same  be permissible in another place of  worship.While  Mira Nair and Netflix  refrained from  comment a  source  close to the series  told this writer that Mira has  no intentions of  editing out the  kisses. 

“Once  you  give  in(to radical demands) there  is  no  end to their objections. The kisses  are shot on temple premise as  this  is  the  only place a couple can  get privacy  in a small  town where  everyone knows everyone. The intention is  clearly not  to insult  any religion or  place of worship.”

Earlier Netflix faced flak when there was  widespread outrage on the  social media against  a  feature film Chippa written and directed  by Safdar Rahman. The  film delineates a 10-year old boy’s search across Kolkata for his biological father  . In the course  of  his journey the  boy,played by the talented  Sunny Pawar comes across a Muslim seniors-citizen who  tells  the boy a story wherein the name  of   Hanuman  comes up prominently as a substitute  for ‘Monkey’

Rightly outraged. Twitter  users are asked  for a ban not only on the  film  but also on Netflix  in India.

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