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Rihanna Versus Ranaut Targeting Rihanna For Supporting Farmers’ Protest In Gutter Language Is Not Done



Without getting into the politics of it, just the sheer volume  of  venom  in Kangana Ranaut’s responses to Rihanna’s tweet supporting the farmers’ protest took my breath away.What about yours?

 Kangana not only spoke  in her tweets about Rihana’s body parts(and how much she likes to shake them) she also TRIED to insult our own singers by comparing them to Rihanna. I say ,tried ,because I don’t think Sunidhi Chauhan(who by the way, is a very fine singer) or Neha  Kakkar would feel insulted when compared with Rihanna. It’s like Kangana  being compared with Jennifer Lopez. Where is  the  insult in that? And where is the rationale in ripping Rihanna  for her opnion?

Everyone has an opinion. Rihanna  too. If she feels one  way about the farmers’ agitation, why must the crack in her bum be brought up? What is  the  connection between the two(the protest and the crack?). On a more serious note  , why are we becoming a nation so intolerant  of dissent? The last we checked we were  a democracy where everyone has  a right to express him or  herself.

 Sadly for Ms Ranaut, Rihanna has not reacted to the abuse. She either doesn’t  know who Ms Ranaut is,  or doesn’t care. Or maybe  she’s been informed of  Ms Ranaut’s reputation of jumping  into controversies, head first. Whatever the reason for her silence it is pretty clear that Rihanna made her point and  moved on,probably to her  next song.  Or maybe she’s shopping for handbags at the nearest Gucci outlet . Least  bothered with Ms Ranaut’s….errr… wise-cracks.

As for Diljit Dosanjh’s song in honour of Rihanna, what’s with the firangi fixation,my friend?  Back home there are other actresses who also supporting the farmers’ protest. Why  not sing in their praise? They will follow your Punjabi better than Rihanna.And they  will even do a music  video with you. Pukka promise.

Sunidhi and Neha Kakkar, I hear, are big Rihanna  fans. I am not  sure they are Ms Ranaut’s fans.With  250 million records sales worldwide Ruhanna is easily the most successful solo  musical artiste  of  our times. No, she  won’t respond to criticism  , no matter how aggressive, from India.She doesn’t care what we think of her. For  her the tweet  on  the farmers  was probably her morning munch. The see-I-know-what’s-happening-in-the-world  moment before she  rushed to next  fun activity(doing her nails to sharpen them for  the  fight with Mr Ranaut? Nah!). Neither will she do a duet with Dosanjh.A pity  he  didn’t sing  in praise of  ladies  closer home.They would have at least  appreciated his efforts.But we  don’t care what our own people  think  of us. We  care  about what the world thinks of  us. Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali had got  acclaim  in the West before it was appreciated  at home. Maybe after Rihanna, our farmers will finally be heard.Think of it. The farmers own Pather Panchali moment.

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