After Rishi Kapoor’s Obnoxious Tweet Karan Johar Vows Never To Work With Him

There is no stopping Rishi Kapoor. Despite his family’s plea and embarrassment, he continues to tweet the most obnoxious comments on colleagues.

But this time  Mr Kapoor seems to have gone too far. His tweet about  Ranveer Kapoor doing  ‘Johar’ has crossed all levels  of decency.Apparently, Karan Johar summoned Ranbir Kapoor and   “strongly protested”against what he referred to as the  “Rishi Rant”.

Karan is very close to Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir and has often asked  Ranbir to restrain his dad’s rants on Twitter.

“But Rishi doesn’t listen. His entire family is fed up of his motormouth. The Karan Johar tweets is the last straw. Karan saw no humour in it. He called Ranbir to complain. Rabbi pulled  his father up for again causing such immense embarrassment.Rishi had to take down the tweet. But the damage  is done. Karan has vowed never to work with Rishi Kapoor again,” says a source close to the development.

Apparently, Ranbir who is very close to Karan Johar is too distressed to even try to rectify the damage.

“Someone should really restrain Rishi Kapoor before he lands up in jail,” says a friend of Karan Johar.

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