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RRR For The Oscars?




Suddenly, there is a  lot of media focus on S S Rajamouli’s RRR going to the Oscars in 2023. Admittedly there is a  huge buzz in the West surrounding RRR. No  Indian film in recent times has  created such a  strong impact  outside India.

 However sources in the know say these stories of  RRR  being  Oscar-bound  are  not only premature  but also baseless.

“The  committee  to  decide  which  film will go to the Oscars in  2023 has not even been formed as yet. Where is the question of RRR or any film being up for reckoning at this stage  when  we don’t even know the quality  of films to come for the rest of the  year?” asks an informed source.

Apparently  Rajamouli  believes  his film is Oscar-bound.Sources  from Hyderabad say he  and his RRR  team are  setting aside a  huge budget for pre-Oscar  promotion of  the  film in Los Angeles. But boss, let the  film being selected.Why the  premature excitement?

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