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Saaho At The Boxoffice: North Distributors Say Film Hinges On 2 Action Scenes



It is shocking. But the  distributors and exhibitors  of  this year’s most  expensively-produced film Saaho feel the entire  impact  of  Saaho  is dependent on a couple of  action sequences.

A  prominent  distributor  on condition of anonymity, tells me, “There are two  elaborate  action sequences, each lasting for  more than ten  minutes. The entire  impact  of  the  film hinges on these  two  action sequences.”

 The source  admits  the  action in Saaho is of  the  kind never seen before in Hindi cinema. “The  two  action sequences are  no doubt  highlights. We’ve never seen anything like it  before in Indian cinema. But  would the audience be satisfied with those? Wouldn’t they want a  complete  experience  along with  a solid plot, which Saaho very  clearly lacks.”

In fact this seeming absence  of  a well-defined solid plot has seemed a problem from the time the film’s trailer was  out. 

Sources  close to  the project say  the sharp kicks and  the glorious grunts  cannot conceal the   absence  of a  strong storyline in Saaho.

“If they are hoping to acquire  blockbuster status  on  the basis  of  two action scenes then it is    worrisome. Audiences expect a lot more than stunts in their movie experience. On  the other hand 

Shankar’s dubbed  2: 0 became  a moneyspinner  without a coherent plot merely  on the starpower  of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar,” says  the  source.

Does Prabhas have the boxffice  pull  to  compensate  for  the lack of a long-legged  plot?

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