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Bollywood Gives Pakistan A Chance To Hit Out



Alia  Bhatt’s  first song on her own  YouTube channel has  created an unnecessary controversy. The song entitled  ‘Prada’ contains elements from a  Pakistani number Gore rang ka zamana.

While it is not a singer’s responsibility  to ascertain and verify the  background for the  songs she sings, Alia  has been placed at forefront of  the flak that  the  song Prada  has received  from netizens  for sounding similar to the Pakistani number.

And  now  Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has  called out Alia  for  plagiarism.

Ms Hayat tweeted, “I find this strange. On the one hand, Bollywood vilifies Pakistan at every opportunity they get. On the other, they continue to steal our songs. Copyright violation and royalty payments obviously mean nothing to them,”

While Alia  has  rightly maintained a tightlipped silence  over the issue her close friends feel it was  very wrong of the Prada composers  Doorbeens  to put her in such an uncomfortable situation.

 Saya a friend  of Alia, “She trusted them, surrendered to their  vision and  the Doorbeens have compromised Alia .She is  very unhappy about the situation.”

 Rather than face accusation of apery,Alia may well decide to pull down the song from her 

channel.What an inglorious start  to her musical inclinations on her new channel.

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