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Sachiin Joshi: “I Produced Jazbaa Only To Work With Irrfan Khan”



Entrepreneur-actor Sachiin Joshi who is  currently stranded  in  Dubai is unable to  come  to terms with the death  of  two  acting stalwarts in   two days.

“It’s like  a nightmare  for  our film industry. Two  of the best actors leaving us  one after  another. I’m a big fan of Irrfan Khan and  Rishi Kapoor. Please note, I speak about  them in  the present tense. For me they  will always be alive,” says Sachiin.

The full-time  entrepreneur and part-time  actor did  get achance to work with Irrfan. “I  co-produced  Jazbaa in  2015  only so I could get to work with Irrfan. We  made sure it was one of his slickest films ever , as he was always associated with the  more realistic  kind  of cinema . We designed  Jazbaa as a fast-paced glamorous thriller and for a change,  Irrfan  played a sophisticated investigative  officer  with the  very beautiful  and  glamorous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as  his  co-star.”

 Sachiin feels  an actor like Irrfan  need not be pigeon-holed.  “He could play  raw or slick, rich or poor. He  was illimitably  versatile and  it was  a privilege to interact with him. He  was  one  of the most well-informed  and intelligent  actors I’ve  known. And we spoke on  many subjects. His interests stretched far  beyond cinema.”

As for  Rishi Kapoor, Sachiin was  thinking  of  approaching him for a film. “But fate had other plans. I really wanted to work with Rishiji.He was an actor who brings  alive even the ‘deadest’  of scripts. A rarity. Why did we have to lose two such  phenomenal  actors within two days?”

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