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Saif Ali Khan: “Bhoot Police is very close to my heart”



Saif Ali Khan in Bhoot Police

The recently released horror-comedy Bhoot Police starring Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam has been receiving love from all quarters.

The film serves a tasteful dose of humour packed with nail-biting horror. Saif Ali Khan’s performance has received rave reviews and the critics have praised him for bringing in a different energy to the film and its storyline. His impeccable comic timing coupled with a unique sense of style and acting prowess has always made for a great combination for genre-defining movies like Bhoot Police.

Commenting on the appreciation for his role, Saif Ali Khan said, “There are certain scripts that you read and fall in love with immediately because you see the potential they hold. You find it important that it gets made in a certain way because you have a lot of hope with that kind of script. Bhoot Police is certainly one of them! This is a movie that is very close to my heart. I want to thank everyone associated with the film – especially the producers Ramesh Taurani and Jaya Taurani for identifying and agreeing with me on the potential of this idea, and of course, Pavan Kirpalani for bringing the movie to me and standing by me. I would also like to thank my co-actors Arjun, Yami and Jacqueline – Arjun especially, because we were in it together from the beginning and it was a lot of fun jamming with him on our scenes together. Thank you everybody for all the love and happiness. Success is measured in strange and different ways. And especially in today’s times, in a pandemic, I think we can really call this a success and a feather in our caps.”

He further added, “Horror and comedy are genres that are best viewed collectively in a group. This is a family movie and you can watch it with your young children without them getting scared and that’s always lovely. We are very happy with the enormous traction the movie has received. Thank you everybody for everything. We are very excited and have already started working on a sequel – which is the biggest sign of acceptance.”

In the movie, Saif Ali Khan is seen in the skin of Vibhuti Vaidya, a tantrik who is in the business only to make money and enjoy all its perks but prefers to keep himself removed from the potential risks the job poses.

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