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Saif Ali Khan: “I’ve No Plans Of Moving Out Of Mumbai”



 Of late, there have been  some  conflicting reports  on Saif Ali Khan moving out of Mumbai to live  with his wife Kareena  and son Taimur in his sprawling  palace  in Pataudi(Madhya Pradesh).

 However, in a conversation with this writer Saif denies any  such plans.

 Says  the  actor,  “There are no plans to move out of Mumbai right now ! I love this city that has given me everything. I also love being in Pataudi which is the most relaxing and beautiful place in this world.  Maybe when I’m older I will spend more time there .But not  in  the  near future. At this time  my work and whole life is in Mumbai.”

 Saif  says Mumbai is where his  heart  and home are. “I love this city ! It has given me everything and is truly the city of dreams . The best and most artistic film minds are gathered here .And it is the office of my ambitions . My kids , Tim(Taimur)’s school ,my sisters , and whole world is here.”

In an  interview  that  appeared  in a  Mumbai tabloid  last week Saif  is  quoted  as saying he   was  looking at Pataudi as his prospective residence.

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