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“Sajid’s Wife Donated Her Kidney To Wajid”



Musician Wajid Khan who is much-missed  by  family friends and fans after his untimely death  earlier this month,  underwent a kidney transplant last month.

And the kidney donor was  none  other   Wajid’s  Bhabhi Lubna.

This  revelation was  made by writer-filmmaker Rumi Jaffrey, a family friend  of  Sajid and Wajid,who says he just couldn’t stop crying after he heard  of  Wajid’s Bhabhi’s sacrifice. “Such things happened in the films  of  yesteryears.  Who makes such sacrifices in  real life? Wajid ki Bhabhi maa samaan thi(Wajid’s sister-in-law was like his mother). She didn’t even want him to know  what she had done. She  wanted to  donate the kidney secretly,” says Rumi , adding that  this is a story  that brings tears to his eyes each time.

It’s another matter that Wajid’s life  couldn’t be be saved  ultimately in spite  of his Bhabhi’s  sacrifice.

“But Wajid had a family to  make  his passage  into the next world  a comfortable one.At a time  like this family is all that counts,” says Rumi who  knew Wajid from the time Rumi directed God Tussi Great Hai  with Salman  Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in 2008.

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