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Salman Makes An Important MenToo Statement, Karan Oberoi Jailed Wrongly For MeToo, Responds



 We have had so many  cases  of  women coming forward  with  phone messages sometimes  going back  to 10-15 years,as proof  of being harassed by men.Men from  the entertainment industry   like  Karan  Oberoi and Anurag Kashap have  faced the full force of  such backdated  allegations.

It took a Salman  Khan to  raise the issue of men’s  harassment over sexual harassment allegations.After Kavita Kaushik’s husband  “exposed”  Abhinav Shukla for sending “violent” messages to his wife, Salman pulled them up for bringing  up an old  and  personal issue on a public domain.

This is a significant, albeit  indirect, statement on  the MenToo movement where  attempts to  pin harassment charges  are not only late  but  also invalid .

 Karan Oberoi who was wrongly  incarcerated last year  for  sexual misconduct  raises  a toast to Salman’s  stance on this  sensitive  issue.

Says  Karan, “Salman in fact has schooled them quite appropriately here ,Sir ! He is absolutely right when he says , that we have all had breakups and up and downs in life . Doesn’t mean we dig up those skeletons just for the sake of humiliating someone , just to win a contest! All though, in all fairness , they  are all behaving like juvenile delinquents!”

Karan says it’s  about time women  were made  accountable  for their allegations.

Says  Karan, “It’s amazing and shocks me , that there is such amount of vitriol that exists in people !   No conversations , personal , intimate , friendly are sacrosanct anymore ?  Will share if we get brownie points for  it !What is all this in aide of ? A trophy ? Some fame ?”

  Karan sees  the trend  of  chat-shaming as  counter-productive . “There was a  time the creative medium was such a beautiful, exchange of ideas with respect for each other and healthy discussions . There was so much to learn from all that ! And now people are going to ridiculous levels to shame each other , with each other, wash dirty linen in public . Infamy seems to be a perfectly acceptable result .”

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